About our Lineup

Dee Abood

Guitar, Vocals & Songwriter

Rags & Tinder is a 5-member band consisting of 2 guitars, electric bass (16 strings), 2 vocalists, and drums.  Our leader is Dee Abood who is a seasoned musician, vocalist and songwriter. 

Chris Manuel

Guitar, Vocals & Songwriter

Dee's long time lead/rhythm guitarist, Chris Manuel is a very accomplished guitarist and vocalist.  Chris is constantly playing guitar between his music bands and teaching guitar. 

Deb Berlinger


The moniker "Sweetgroove" was given by Charles Atkins.  Deb, like Adam, played with Charles and other local musicians for many years.  She brings an even meter, soft touch and well placed dynamics

Adam Gaffney

Bass Guitar

Adam brings multi-years’ experience on bass guitar. We welcome his expertise and grooves to the band. He has played on numerous stages of all sizes and brings with him great experience and expertise.  Adam held down the groove for Charles Aktins for many years. He is also the bass player for the Rockitz.

Extra Musicians - You never know who might sit in with us!

Holly Riley

Fiddle & Vocals

Holly is a graduate assistant at Florida State University and is currently working on her PhD in Ethnomusicology.  Holly's list of music escapes are numerous.  You might find her on the stage any day of the week; most notably with "Adventures of Annabelle Lynn".

Linda Guthrie


Linda came to our rescue to provide high vocal harmonies.  She nailed them.  We look forward to other times when she will join us.

Jeff Saulich

Bass & Vocals

Jeff is a music minister who performs regularly at the Spiritual Enrichment Center in Dothan, Alabama, which is a combined Unity Church and Center for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind) congregation. He also performs frequently at Unity Eastside Church in Tallahassee, Florida, where he was a founding member of the church's band, "The 13th Power."  He accompanied the late Darryl Steele on his awesome "Mind Thing" song that brought the house down!

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